Launching terminal emulator in current working directory in XMonad

Recently I got a bit fed up with my XMonad configuration and decided to add some of the missing bits. After all I made the switch with productivity in mind so it would be silly to endure even the slightest tradeoffs. If you don’t know what XMonad is – it’s an extremely customizable tiling window manager – the default configuration is, however, pretty crude, so it doesn’t really make sense to switch if you’re not going to tweak it, even if just slightly. To the point – one of the things I was missing was the ability to open a new terminal emulator window in the same working directory as the one I had focused. I felt that existing solutions such as the WorkspaceDir extension were lacking and not exactly what I was looking for. And so I had to write one myself. Since I figured I couldn’t be the only one in need I decided I’d share my snippet.
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