A super-quick way to speed up your containers on AWS

We all hate it when it happens. You know what I’m talking about – your app works perfectly fine locally, you deploy it… and then bam! In my case, I hit a terrible, terrible performance bottleneck. It all started when I was setting up a whole new service from scratch. A pretty standard container deployment, running on EC2 instances. Nothing too fancy, and it seemed everything went smooth. First version deployed.
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Where to host your project as a solo-founder?

Recently I asked solo-founders what are their choices when it comes to hosting their projects. Here are the most common choices along with their rationales.
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Things to consider when choosing nodes for your Kubernetes cluster

Regardless of whether you’re architecting new services or preparing to migrate your workloads – choosing the proper underlying nodes size can make or break your experience with this amazing tool. Here are some key points you should pay attention to.
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