Introducting - a passwordless authentication service

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Lately I have decided to take some time to work on my side-projects and make them useful for the broader public.

Inevitably, I bumped into a problem. Actually, not really a problem, but I had to implement a simple authentication scheme that at the same time wouldn’t be an overkill.

I decided to use passwordless login and registration links because it seemed to fit my app just right and I wanted to have as little overhead as possible.

As I was writing the authentication logic it suddenly struck me that what I was doing could be made a piece on its own. A lightweight solution for people who don’t want to – or rather don’t need to – invest into full-fledged user and identity management solutions.

So I extracted the relevant code and that’s how was born. Now, what is it exactly?

Like I have already mentioned, it’s a passwordless authentication scheme. With you can send a message – together with a payload – directly to your user and when he returns to your app with a token issued by Authmagic we confirm whether or not the token is valid and hand you the verified payload associated with the token.

That payload can be many things. For instance, when implementing Slack-like magic login links you could attach user’s id or email, and when he comes back you know that he has access to his email account and – by extension – is who he claims to be and can set a session cookie.

All of that is happening without a single password being typed.

The same principle is used for user confirmation and password reset, only they differ in the action taken upon authentication.

Either way, I hope you like the result. Feel free to contact me if you have some ideas or feedback – I’ll gladly accept any!